• Plywood without glue?Glueless plywood leads the way in technology

    Plywood is a multi-layered board material made of veneer spun from wood segments or thin wood planed from wood squares and glued together by adhesives, and is one of the common materials for furniture. However, most of the traditional wood adhesives are synthetic resin a...
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  • The difference between plywood and blockboard

    Blockboard. Blockboard is composed of a core board and the surface of the solid board. Blockboard core board to splice the wood from the lath, generally using the same species or similar properties of the species. Blockboard of the core board moisture content control bet...
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  • Origins of Sulong Wood

    In recent years, Pizhou, relying on the rich poplar resources of the local and surrounding areas, has bred a panel processing industry, a number of farmers in the practice of running log distribution has accumulated capital, run out of business ideas. The Pizhou governme...
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